12 Volt BA9 MCC & MES Bulbs


Small cap, MCC (minature centre contact), MES (screw in) bulbs for dash, panel, warning lights and indicator bulbs

12 volt 2.2 watt MCC push in bayonett 2 pin Lucas 643
12v 6w MCC push in Lucas 989
12 volt 4 watt BA9s 2 pin Lucas 233
12 volt 2 watt BA7s Lucas 281
12 volt 0.75 watt MES screw in Lucas 280
12 volt 1.5 watt  screw in LES (modern equivalent of Lucas 280)
12 volt 2.2 watt MES screw in Lucas 987
12 volt 5 watt screw in MES Lucas 992
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If you are looking for a small cap bulb that is not listed here please do get in contact with your requirements as I have a small quantity of other 12 volt small cap bulbs not listed here.

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