Condenser as Lucas 407044


Compares with parts by Lucas as 407044, 484261, 489244 and Remax RS96, common applications listed below

For use with dstributors numbered by Lucas as DX4A, DX6A, DVX, DY, DX, DVXH and DVZH
Suitable for both four, six and eight cylinder cars.

Fixing bracket is now the perfect clip for the distributors listed above, if you have a different distributor the condenser will work you might just need to make a clip to keep it in place.  (picture not yet updated with a image of the clip).  

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This is a NEW item for use on many Vintage and Classic Cars and Motorbikes.

Condenser or Coil at fault?
One simple test may prove which is at fault.
When the fault occurs, take off the distributor cap and with the ignition on just flick the points. If the spark is small and bluish the condenser is OK if the spark is yellow/orange and very flashy the condenser is at fault.
Condenser failure is often indicated by burning of the points and/or poor starting.
When they fail altogether the engine will not run at all!

There are two options of condenser
Option 1: Facet Condenser, these are Italian made condensers which have been tried and tested and have a excellent reputation for reliability. These are now of limitied availability.  43mm long (end to end including thread and nut, 16mm diameter)

Option 2: A new condenser that has been tested to the same standard as the above condensers.  (47mm long end to end including thread and nut, 16mm diameter)

For use on the following Cars with the above Lucas distributors fitted.  
AC 16 hp 1948/57
Alvis all models 1951/54
Armstrong Siddeley 1939/53
Aston Martin 1947/56
Austin A90 1948/54
Austin Sheerline 1948/54
Austin Princess 1948/55
Austin 25hp Limousine 1951/54
Austin Commercial 1939/52
Bedford 1938/54
Bristol 1947/52
Commer 2/3, 3/4, 4/5 ton 1939/52
Commer 5 and 7 ton 1949/52
Commer Avenger Coach 1949/52
Daimler (all models except Touring Limousine 1946/53
Dodge (British) 1948/54
Ferguson Tractors 1946/57
Humber Super Snipe, Pullman and Imperial 1938/52
Jaguar Sports 1948/57
Jaguar Saloon 1948/57
karrier CK3 1951/52
Lagonda 1951/56
Lanchester 1940/53
Landrover All Models 1951/53
Lea Francis 1953/54
Morgan Plus-Four 1951/54
Morris Six 1948/54
Morris Commercial NVS 1951/55
Nuffield Tractor 1955/58
Rover Landrover 1951/53
Rover 75 1951/53
Standard Vanguard 1950/53
Sunbeam Talbot 90 Model 1948/53
Triumph Renown 1951/53
Vauxhall Velox 1948/53
Vauxhall 12, 14 and 25 1937/39
Wolseley 18 and 25 1946/48
Wolseley Four-Fifty 1949/53
Wolseley Six Eighty 1949/54

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