Lucas 400181 DK6A Distibutor Cap


400181 Lucas Distributor Cap
Also numbered as 400315 and 403842
As fitted DJ6 DK6 Distributors
Acorns, washers and carbon may have been replaced where they were missing.  
Picture is an example only.  
It is important to check the fit of the cap carefully and not to force the cap onto the base.

New Old Stock, these are no longer made so very difficult to find.  
Option 1 - #23 USED Black may show signs of wear please ask for photos
Option 2 - #25 USED Black may show signs of wear please ask for photos
Option 3 - #26 USED Brown may show signs of wear please ask for photos
Option 4 - #27 USED Brown may show signs of wear please ask for photos
Option 5 - #28 New Old Stock Brown with pyramid acorns please ask for photos
Option 6 - #29 New Old Stock, Lucas boxed items, mushroom acorns.  box may show signs of age.  
Option 7 - #30 New Old Stock Lucas green boxed box may show signs of age.  
Option 8 - #31 New Old Stock no box mushroom acorns
Option 9 - #32 New Old Stock Brown Commercial Ignition
Option 10 - #33 New Old Stock Commerical Ignition pyramid acorns
option 11 - #35 New Old Stock Black

As fitted to .....
AC 16 hp 1939
Armstrong Siddeley 12, 14, 15 and 17 1932/38
Austin 12 and 16 1932/37
Austin 14 1937/39
Austin 18 1934/37 1939
Austin 20 1932/38
Bedford 8 cwt Van 1936
Citroen 23 hp 1949/55
Commer 2/3 ton 1932/40
Hillman 6 cyl 1931/37
Humber 16 and 21 1938/39
Lanchester 6 cyl 1936/39
MG 18 hp 2 litre
Morris 10 1934/35
Morris 14 1938/39
Morris 15/6 1934/35
Morris Oxford 1932/35
Morris 16 and 18hp 1937
Morris 21 and 25 1936/37
Morris 25 1937/39
Rover 1932/39
Singer 1934/36
Standard 1932/35
Sunbeam Talbot 3 litre 1939
Triumph 12 and 14 1933/43
Triumph 16 1935/36
Vauxhall 12/4 and 14/6 1999/36
Wolseley Hornet 6 cyl 1932/39
Wolseley 14, 16 and 18 1939

If you are looking for a distributor cap that is no longer made or want true originality to all the parts on your car this may be what you are looking for.  
Many of these caps are New Old Stock, they have not been used. They may not come with original packaging, if the original packaging is included it may be very tatty.  Colour of bakeolite is in either brown or black.  Where a cap has been used I have checked for any cracks or chips, I believe that there may be some life left in the cap and could be good to have as a spare.  If you require pictures of the specific cap please ask and I will email them to you.  
Please be very careful when fitting these caps and do not force into position.  
Pictures are as examples only, if you would like more information or pictures of a specific cap please contact me

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