Lucas 411117 488858 DU8A Distributor cap


New old stock  Lucas 411117 488858 DU8A
As fitted to.....
Daimler 3 1/2 AND 4 1/2 Litre1937/8
Daimler 8cyl 39 1946/53
Riley 18 1938
Standard 20 (V8) 1937/38
Ford V8 Pass. 1939/45
Ford V8 Comm. 1939/49

Please check that you have a DU8A distributor fitted to your car
May also fit other cars not listed here which have a DU8A distributor fitted.

Option 1: Black acorns, washers and carbon have been replaced. surface scratches but no chips or cracks

Option 2: Black acorns, washers and carbon have been replaced. USED? surface scratches 2 x small chips on rim contacts don't actually look used - email if you need more pictures.  A useful spare.  

Option 4: This cap is red in colour. surface scratches chip to bottom edge but no cracks.  Acorns and washers have been replaced.  I presume that the red colour may have meant that it had a military application.  Any information about why it is red would be greatly received.  

Caps have been cleaned, carbon and spring replaced, acorns replaced where needed.  Please see picture for condition, caps have some minor damage which I am 99% sure is from storage rather than use.  The contacts inside the cap are in new condition.  If you need to see more pictures please do ask.

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