M3173/3 Distributor Cap Push In HT Lead

£125.00 (Sold out)

Are you looking for this distributor cap?  please send me a message with a request.  

Please note that the last remaining cap that I have is a USED one, there are slight marks to the inside and there is a chip on the top of one of the push in connectors.  Accurate photos will be added soon.  
Price lowered to reflect this.  In our opinion the cap is still usable.  

Very rare new old stock M3173/3  distributor cap

Please note that this has push in connectors for the HT lead not screw in.  I do not have any information on this cap but I believe that it may have been fitted to DEH6A, DFH6A, DLH6A and DQH6 Distributors.  Please do your own checking as to the applications for this cap

Please check that you have the correct distributor for this cap.

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