MG TC TB Y YA VA Top Rad Hoses


156 MG TA 10 hp Top Hose 2.125 inch diameter, 5.5 inches long
323 MG TF Midget1953- 1956 Top Hose 1.5 inch diameter, 4.5 inches long
354 MG TD YA  YB  YT 1951-1953 Top Hose 2.125 inch diameter, 4.5 inches long
157 MG 1 1/4 saloon Y YA VA 946-1953  Top Hose 2.125 inch diameter, 5.3 inches long
275 MG TB TC 1946-1950 Top Hose 2.125 inch diamter, 4.3 inches long

Measurements are approximate
All hoses are of good quality and made from reinforced kevlar
Please note with multiple quanity orders to some international destinations there may be an additional postage charge.

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