New Old Stock, packaging tatty from storage
I am happy to provide assistance with identifying the spring for your starter motor, please contact me via email with the ID number of your starter motor or the make model and year of your car
Pictures for illustations only, email me if you require a picture of a specific spring

STARTER PINION RETURN SPRINGS, may not come in original packaging
SB101 Lucas 250430 RH Coil for LH Drive as Lucas 250430 M35G 3/4 INCH ID RH COIL LD DRIVE
SB102 Lucas 250429 LH Coil for RH Drive as Lucas 250430, 250429 M35G 345G 3/4 INCH ID LH COIL RH DRIVE
SB103 Lucas 255728 M45AL, M45G, M418A 7/8 INCH ID RH COIL LH DRIVE SOLD OUT
SB104 Lucas 255727 LH Coil for RH Drive M45AL/3, M418A, M418G 7/8 INCH ID
SB106 Lucas250848 M35G, M35G/1 1 1/32 INCH ID LH Coil for RH Drive
SB107 as Lucas 255729 M418G 7/8 INCH ID LH Coil for RH Drive
SB108 as Lucas  270078 M45G 7/8 INCH ID LH COIL RD DRIVE
SB109 as Lucas 291035, 291541 SOLD OUT
SB111 as Lucas 291456 M45G 1 1/4 INCH ID LH Coil for RH Drive
SB113 as Lucas 256027 M35G 336G/1, M418G 1 1/4 INCH ID LH COIL RH DRIVE SOLD OUT

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